The Parmentier Residential Estate, a different place:

The Domaine Parmentier offers all the advantages of a serviced residence classic. You live at home without the daily worries of maintenance and logistics, with a multitude of services and activities available.

You preserve both your independence and your social life, in a secure environment. 

But Domaine Parmentier is not a classic service residence.

There are no shareholders to pay here. The owners of the building are mostly residents. And the non-profit organisation that manages the services has the primary objective of ensuring the quality of life and the well-being of residents, not to make a profit.

This makes a real difference to the mindset of the people who serve you at the Domaine - in the kitchens, in the restaurant, in cleaning, in maintenance, in management. Professionalism, conviviality, involvement, availability, respect, pragmatism The Liaison Council, which represents all the residents, regularly highlights these positive aspects.

Unique architecture & prime location

The residential complex is nestled in the heart of a private park of 1.20 hectares, carefully maintained by a team of gardeners, to whom some residents like to lend a hand.

The area is quiet, a quarter of an hour's walk from the Mellaerts ponds, and less than 10 minutes by car or bus from the centre of Stockel, Place Dumon and its shops, which attract shopping enthusiasts from all over the region.

Your peace of mind is our priority

You are at home and you lead the life that suits you. But you are well surrounded.
If needed, at any time of the day or night, someone is present at the reception.
The flats are also equipped with an emergency call system that puts you directly in touch with our hotline. And all the staff - reception, kitchen, restaurant, maintenance, management - are accessible and attentive.